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Sex Position of the Week: Reverse Cowgirl

Welcome back viewers! Class is in session for another week’s lesson on sex positioning. This week’s sex position is one that is simple and very familiar to many, so this should be a refresher course for the sexually...


Sex position of the week: The Armchair

  From Glamerotica101.com Happy New Year and welcome to this week’s Sex position of the week lesson. Class is now is session!  Pay attention because at the end of the week, I will test you all on your technical skills w...


How to Prevent the “Cat Back” Hump During Doggie Style

From Glamerotica101.com @glamazontyomi   Every sexually active person on this Earth knows the one complaint men have about doggie style: that ugly hump in the back that many women get when not being able to take massive am...


Sex Position of the Week: Viennese Oyster

From: glamerotica101.com By: Tyomi Morgan   I’m Back! Sorry for the hiatus. This week’s posts are starting off with a missionary sex position that requires a great deal of flexibility on the part of the receivi...

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Sex Position of the Week: Rock and Roll

From: glamerotica101.com By: Tyomi Morgan     Missionary positions are recommended for the lovers that enjoy intimacy and close body to body contact during sex, and this week’s sex position is one that provides ...